We create the sound of the future

With our high quality audio products are we pushing the boundaries of audio technology to deliver innovative solutions that redefine sound quality – and ensure you enjoy an unparalleled listening experience each time.

A gateway to a world of audio possibilities  

Let us introduce our first creation, the Aspen Microphone – a tiny wireless microphone with studio quality and Bluetooth LE Audio broadcasting.

The Aspen Microphone is more than just a wireless microphone; it's a gateway to a world of audio possibilities. Immerse yourself in the highest quality sound, embrace the freedom of wireless technology, and contribute to a more sustainable future with a product that bears the mark of Swedish craftsmanship.

Aspen Microphone is created for you who have high demands on quality while at the same time being easy and flexible to use. Regardless of whether you use a microphone every day in your professional life as a lecturer, podcaster, journalist or musician or only on a few occasions, you can trust that Aspen Microphone gives you the best audio possibilities every time. 

Click the link below to learn how Aspen Microphone can revolutionize your sound.

bluetooth low energy microphone

Introducing Our Kickstarter Campaign

We are thrilled to unveil our Kickstarter campaign, a journey from development to production that we're excited to share with you. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of sound, and we want you to be part of this incredible journey.

By supporting our campaign, you not only become a part of our story but also gain access to an exclusive offer. Your contribution will help us bring our groundbreaking wireless microphone to life, setting a new standard for audio experience.

Explore our campaign, and help us spread the word. Together, we can make the world resonate with the best sound quality. Join us in taking the first step towards an audio experience like no other.

Our Mission

At Emendion, our primary mission is to bring fresh, exciting, and high-quality audio products to the market. We've noticed a gap in the market, a segment where there is a craving for superior audio quality, innovative features, and affordable pricing, and we are determined to fill that gap to give you a better sound experience.

Innovation Beyond Sound

We are not just about sound; we are about creating experiences that resonate with you. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of audio technology to ensure you enjoy an unparalleled listening experience with every product we deliver.

Swedish heritage

Emendion proudly carries forward the tradition of Swedish engineering and design excellence. We infuse our products with the same commitment to quality, sustainability, and aesthetic finesse that Sweden is renowned for.


The founders

Emendion was founded in 2023 by three dedicated engineers with a profound passion for audio innovation. Each of the founders brings a decade of experience in the audio industry. Emendion represent a fusion of technical expertise and a deep love for audio that has the goal of setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Nils Östlund

Nils has a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sound and signal processing, Nils brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the company.

Darush Namin

Darush possesses a unique grasp of hardware design and audio technology, making him an indispensable cornerstone at Emendion and a profound source of expertise.

 Niclas Sidekrans

Niclas brings extensive experience in audio product development and an innate talent for innovative customer-centric software solutions, enhancing our commitment to innovation.