Top 3 reasons why Aspen Microphone revolutionize the world of sound

1. High Audio Quality: 

The heart of the Aspen microphone lies in its unparalleled audio quality. Designed to meet the standards of a professional studio, it captures every note, nuance, and emotion with precision. With an exceptionally low noise floor, your recordings are crystal clear, ensuring your audience hears only what you intend. Thanks to ultra-low delays, you'll experience real-time sound, allowing for seamless communication, whether you're recording or broadcasting live.

2. Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (BLE Audio): 

The Aspen microphone boasts cutting-edge connectivity with BLE Audio technology. With the LC3 codec, your audio is transmitted with remarkable clarity, making sure that your audience enjoys an immersive auditory experience. What sets it apart is the Auracast Broadcasting feature, enabling you to effortlessly share your audio with multiple BLE-enabled devices. No additional equipment is needed, making your sound truly wireless and versatile.

3. Design Excellence: 

Our commitment to design excellence extends to every facet of the Aspen microphone. Its targeted IP57 rating ensures resistance to water and dust, making it the perfect companion for any environment. We've crafted it to be small and lightweight, ensuring that you can take your studio-grade sound wherever you go. What's more, our dedication to sustainability shines through in our choice of materials. Each Aspen microphone is proudly made in Sweden, where we uphold the highest environmental standards.


Use cases

Improve your lectures

Our system for broadcasting high quality audio is useful in lectures when good audio is important. By broadcasting the speaker the audience can use their own device or smartphone for a better sound.

Making interviews easy

The wireless microphone can be connected to a shirt without any wires or transceivers. Easy to use and superior audio quality.

Connect to all your devices 

The microphone can be connected by Bluetooth to all your devices. Battery life is outstanding and it can be charged wireless or by usb.

Record music

No more wires, focus on being creative and let our high quality audio with seamless integration to your favorite recorder take care of the rest.

Pod casts

Enjoy our superior audio quality and extremely low noise microphone making your pod casts a pure joy.

Video meetings

Do not be restricted in your meeting. With our easy to use clip-on microphone you can move freely and the audio will stay crystal sharp.


Technical specification

Dimensions:                 28x20x11 mm

Weight:                          10g

Acoustic principle:      4 combined mems microphones

Polar pattern:              Omnidirectional

Frequency range:        20-24000 Hz

Maximum SPL:             120 dBSPL

Sampling frequency:  48 kHz

Noise level:                   15 dB(A)

Power battery:            Inbuilt Li-po battery re-chargeable via USB

Battery life:                  8 h

Broadcast range:        20 m

Transmission type:     Bluetooth LE, USB-C

Pairing:                          NFC

Firmware upgrade:    USB-C, Bluetooth

Codec BLE Audio:        LC3

Modes:                           Line level, mic level

Operating modes:       USB, BLE

Bitrate BLE Audio:      124 kbps (LC3 max)

Bit depth BLE Audio:  16 bit (LC3 max dynamic range)

Bith depth USB:           24 bit

IP rating:                       IP57

Latency BLE:                 22.5ms (min)